Request to Register to Vote outside Québec


For security reasons, on-line registration requires an up-to-date browser. We also recommend using a high speed and secure Internet connection. Public wireless networks (Wi-Fi) are usually unsecured. If you are using a public computer, we encourage you to read the security rules for public Wi-Fi users.

You must provide an email address to which you will have access while travelling.

You must have two scanned pieces of identification on the computer that you use to complete the form, or a device that you can use to photograph these pieces of ID if you are using a cellular telephone or a tablet.


On election day:

  • you must be 18 or over;
  • you must be a Canadian citizen;
  • you must not have lost your election rights.

At the time you left Québec, you must have been domiciled in Québec for at least 12 consecutive months.

You intend to return to Québec.

You have left Québec within the last two years.

You have an address where we can send our mailing.

Voting materials will not be sent to an address inside Québec, except in exceptional circumstances.

It is your responsibility to pay the cost of sending your ballot paper to Québec City. Returns billed to Élections Québec will be refused.

 This is a secure on-line service that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of information that is sent to the Élections Québec.