File a complaint

File a complaint

Your complaint may concern the application of electoral legislation or the services of Élections Québec.

Élections Québec hopes to interact with the public in a harmonious, constructive and respectful manner. Please ensure that your comment meet these criteria.

Before you start

Please describe the situation in as much detail as possible. Your complaint should include the following information (if available).

  1. The names of the people or organizations involved (political parties, candidates, citizens, etc.).
  2. The facts and events that have led you to believe that an offence has occurred or that have caused you to be dissatisfied with the services of Élections Québec.
  3. The reasons why you believe a statute or regulation has been violated.
  4. The date, time and location of the event on which your complaint is based.
  5. Supporting documents (photos, images, web addresses, etc.), if you believe they will help us analyze the situation.
  6. Your full contact information, so we can contact you (given name, surname, telephone number and email address).


Your complaint will be kept confidential. Please see our Complaints policy (PDF) for more information. We will use the personal information collected via this form to process your complaint. It will only be used for this purpose by authorized staff, in accordance with our Personal information management policy.

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